Fact Sheets

acrobatAffordable Care Act 14th Anniversary Fact Sheet
acrobatVote “NO” on H.R. 6951, Republicans’ Extreme Bill to Raise College Costs, Return to DeVos Era Deregulation and Chaos
acrobatVote “NO” on H.R. 6914, Extreme Republicans’ Anti-Choice Bill to Keep Pregnant Students in the Dark About Their Rights
acrobatVote “NO” on H.J. Res. 98, Extreme Republicans’ Anti-Worker, Anti-Union Resolution
acrobatYear in Review - 2023
acrobatVote “NO” on Republican Efforts to Make School Meals Less Healthy
acrobatA Stronger Workforce for America Act Fact Sheet
acrobatA Stronger Workforce for America Act Section by Section
acrobatA Stronger Workforce for America Act Summary
acrobatVote NO on Republicans’ Plan to Make College More Expensive
acrobatVote “NO” on Republicans’ Bill that Would Jeopardize Global Research Partnerships
acrobatBipartisan Workforce Pell Act Section by Section
acrobatBipartisan Workforce Pell Act Fact Sheet
acrobatPOWADA of 2023 Section by Section
acrobatPOWADA of 2023 Fact Sheet
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