Fact Sheets

acrobatPresident Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Shortchanges America’s Students and Workers
acrobatThe Trump Administration’s Proposed Tip Rule Allows Tip Theft
acrobatThe FMLA at 25: Building on the Family and Medical Leave Act
acrobatThe Dirty Dozen: The Top Twelve Attacks on Workers and Students during President Trump’s First Year in Office
acrobatTribal Labor Sovereignty Act Fact Sheet
acrobatProposed Rule to Expand Association Health Plans Fact Sheet
acrobatThe GOP War on Students: Pell Grants under Attack in H.R. 4508
acrobatThe GOP War on Students: Risk-Sharing and How It Impacts Equity
acrobatThe GOP War on Students: Another Partisan Giveaway to Corporate Interests
acrobatThe GOP War on Students: H.R. 4508 Increases Student Debt
acrobatGAO Poultry Worker Fact Sheet
acrobatWAGE Act Fact Sheet
acrobatGAO Diversity In Tech Diversity Fact Sheet
acrobatThe Simple FASFA Act By the Numbers
acrobatThe Simple FASFA Act Fact Sheet
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