Scott Statement on Trump Administration’s Proposal to Merge Departments of Labor and Education

WASHINGTON – Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03) released the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s proposal to merge the departments of Labor and Education.

“The Trump administration’s plan to reorganize the federal government is a hastily concocted proposal that uses the false promise of ‘streamlining’ to cut investments in our future.

“There is no evidence that merging the Departments of Labor and Education would strengthen the performance of these agencies or produce better outcomes for students and workers. The Department of Labor is no more equipped to oversee elementary education policy than the Department of Education is prepared to enforce standards for coal mine safety. The logic behind this proposal is painfully thin.

“Instead of spending time rearranging organizational boxes in government, the country would be far better off if the president’s cabinet refocused its energy on working with Congress to strengthen education, support American workers, and improve the quality of life for people across the country.”