Ranking Member Scott: Title IX Proposal Would Be “Damaging Setback” for Efforts to Prevent Campus Sexual Misconduct

WASHINGTON – Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03) released the following statement in response to the Education Department’s proposed rule, released today, which revises standards for schools’ responsibility under the Title IX to respond to campus sexual assault and harassment. 

“The Title IX proposal released today would be a damaging setback for our efforts to prevent campus sexual harassment and assault. The bottom line is that by allowing schools to use this new process and evidentiary standard, this rule would make it harder for survivors of sexual misconduct to achieve justice. Institutions must secure due process for the accused, while achieving dignity and providing the support services survivors deserve.

“In addition, this proposal provides schools with numerous opportunities to evade responsibility for incidences of sexual misconduct involving their students. For example, institutions are currently required to intervene if they have general knowledge of an incident. Under this proposed change, institutions could avoid their Title IX obligation unless the institution has ‘direct’ knowledge of an incident.  This would limit students’ ability to seek redress under Title IX.

“Once again, I strongly encourage the administration scrap this proposal and join the effort to make college campuses and school classrooms safer and more welcoming for all students.”


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