ICYMI: On 50th Anniversary of Title IX, Chairman Scott Delivers Remarks at Unveiling of Portrait of Former Congresswoman Patsy T. Mink

WASHINGTON – Today, Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03) delivered the following remarks during a ceremony to unveil the portrait of former Congresswoman Patsy T. Mink in Statuary Hall.

On 50th Anniversary of Title IX, Chairman Scott Delivers Remarks at Unveiling of Portrait of Former Congresswoman Patsy T. Mink

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“Congresswoman Patsy Mink has an unquestionable place among the portraits of this institution’s trailblazers. As you know, Congresswoman Mink became the first Asian-American woman, in fact, the first woman of color to serve in Congress at a time when the country was navigating a particularly painful chapter in our fight for equality in America.

“Despite the barriers to success for women of color, Congresswoman Mink channeled her experiences to advocate for her constituents and for every American—like her—who previously had no voice on Capitol Hill. I witnessed her dedication and leadership firsthand when we served on the House Committee of Education and Labor, which I now have the privilege of chairing.

“To this day, millions of Americans benefit directly from Congresswoman Mink’s legislative achievements, including legislation on special education, bilingual education, and a head start in education.

“It was Congresswoman Mink who understood the need for child care for workers who were essential but are paid the least income. For years, she worked to pass the Comprehensive Child Development Act, and it finally passed Congress, only to be regrettably vetoed by President Nixon.

“It was Congresswoman Mink who championed Title IX Education Amendments of 1972 that provide for equitable access to education and athletics, regardless of gender.

“Exactly 50 years later, Title IX remains a pillar of commitment to providing all students—K-12 and higher education—a safe learning environment free from sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination. 

“Unfortunately, we know that sex-based discrimination still persists. One in five women still report experiencing sexual assault during college, so even as our fight for gender equality in education continues, we can all agree that Congresswoman Mink’s legacy lives on. So, as we all continue her work to secure affordable childcare for working families, achieve equality in education, and deliver an America where all can succeed, I thank you for being here today as we celebrate the life’s work of Congresswoman Patsy Mink.”


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