Committee Republicans Vote (Again) to Undermine Affordable Care Act and Fuel Culture Wars in Schools

WASHINGTON Today, Committee Republicans advanced two bills—H.R. 824 and H.R. 3941—that would undermine access to affordable and high-quality health care coverage and further politicize education by threatening badly-needed funding for schools and colleges.

“I am disappointed that, yet again, we’ve decided to take up two bills that do nothing to support students or improve access to affordable, quality health care for workers and families,” said Ranking Member Scott. “Our constituents are counting on us to deliver meaningful solutions to the serious challenges facing the country: gun violence in schools that continues to take the lives of children and educators, rising cases of child labor violations, and the continued attacks on Americans’ access to reproductive care and affordable health care. Unfortunately, if today’s markup is any indication, the Majority appears intent on ignoring these challenges and, instead, continuing with the culture wars.”

H.R. 824 fragments health care by allowing employers to carve out telehealth from their group plans and offer it as a separate, standalone policy that is exempt from important consumer protections under the Affordable Care Act and other laws.

H.R. 3941 further stokes Republican-fueled culture wars in education by prohibiting the use of school and college facilities to shelter undocumented migrants and threatening funding for schools and colleges that do not follow Republican politicians’ extreme agenda.

Read Ranking Member Scott’s opening statement here.

Read Democratic amendments and letters of opposition to H.R. 824 and H.R. 3941 here.


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