November 2018
Vox: Exclusive: House Democrats will introduce a bill to protect millions of health care workers
Vox: House Democrats have a sweeping plan to protect millions of workers’ legal rights
Washington Post: How poverty and race affect who goes to college — in 5 charts
NBC News: The Trump Administration is Scrapping a Child Labor Rule. Safety Advocates Say the Reasons are Flimsy.
Think Progress: Google employees demand company do something about sexual harassment and pay inequality
October 2018
CNN Business: Seattle is a guinea pig for $15 minimum wage. Here's what the latest research shows
September 2018
New York Times: 28,000 Public Servants Sought Student Loan Forgiveness. 96 Got It.
Bloomberg BNA: Teen Health-Worker Proposal Didn’t Get Risk Assessment
Washington Post: Few graduates working in public service have received expected break on loans
Buzzfeed News: Members Of Congress Are Demanding Answers From The Trump Administration On Its Coal Mine Deal
Education Week: Top Democrat Asks GOP for Hearing in Congress on Puerto Rico's Schools
NBC News: Federal mine safety official warned the Trump administration is putting miners in danger, violating law
Huffington Post: As Progressives Think Big, They Should Think More About Child Care
Education Week: If Democrats Take the House, Here's What Awaits Betsy DeVos, Civil Rights, and ESSA
New York Times: DeVos Punts to Congress on Federally Funded Guns for Schools
Bloomberg BNA: Apprenticeship Programs Need Accountability, House Dems Say
NBC News: Critics outraged over DeVos' decision that could help arm school personnel
Teen Vogue: Betsy DeVos Won't Be "Taking Any Action" to Stop Schools from Purchasing Firearms With Federal Funding
August 2018
The Washington Post : House Democrats Push Betsy DeVos To Reject Funding For Guns In Schools
Politico: Top student loan official at consumer agency quits over Trump policies
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