H.R. 3, Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019

Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019 Time: 10:15 AM Location: Washington, D.C. 2175 Rayburn House Office Building

Amendments and Roll Call Votes


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Roll Call

H.R. 3


Mr. Scott

Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute

adopted by voice vote


Mr. Walberg/ Ms. Stefanik

Excludes Alzheimer’s drugs from negotiation-eligible drugs

defeated 19-26



Mr. Norcross

Clarifies that out of pocket costs cannot exceed the negotiated price

adopted by voice vote


Mr. Allen

Requires the Secretary of Labor to certify that the voluntary plan option will not result in a shift in biotech investment and manufacturing jobs to China

defeated 20-26



Mrs. Trahan

Requires GAO to conduct a study on the implementation of the Fair Price Negotiation Program

adopted by voice vote


Mr. Johnson

States that the bill does not implicate fiduciary liability with regard to the negotiation program

defeated 20-26



Ms. Jayapal

Requires the Department of Labor to conduct a feasibility study regarding establishing an inflation rebate for group health plans

adopted by voice vote



Mrs. Foxx

Amends employer reporting to only require report if selected drug prices are higher than HHS price

defeated 21-26



Mr. Harder/   Mr. Trone

Clarifies that the Secretary must ensure that data collection under the bill is coordinated with, and not duplicative of, other data collection efforts

adopted by voice vote



Mrs. Foxx

Prevents the bill from going into effect if GAO finds it will result in the loss of manufacturing jobs

defeated 21-26



Mr. Walker

Prevents the bill from going into effect if GAO finds it will result in decreased research and development

defeated 21-27



Mr. Roe

Strikes the applicability of the negotiated price to group health plans and adds provisions regarding PBMs

ruled non-germane



Mr. Roe

Prevents the voluntary plan option from taking effect unless the Secretary or Labor certifies it will not result in diminished access to drugs in group health plans

defeated 21-27



Ms. Shalala

Report H.R. 3

adopted 27-21


Member Statements

  1. Ranking Member Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (Democrat - Virginia)