H.R. 2474, Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019

Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Time: 10:15 AM Location: Washington, D.C. 2175 Rayburn House Office Building

Amendments and Roll Call Votes


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Roll Call

H.R. 2474


Mr. Scott

Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute

adopted by voice vote


Ms. Wilson

Renders an employers’ misclassification of employees to be a violation of NLRA

adopted 25-21



Mr. Levin

Permits NLRB elections to be conducted on or off the work location, election, or via mail ballot

adopted 27-21



Mr. Harder

Extends penalties to violations of employee rights beyond those causing serious economic harm, such as threats or refusals to bargain

adopted 27-21



Mrs. Trahan

Amends the NLRA to prohibit offensive lockouts by employers

adopted 27-21



Mr. Allen

Strikes provisions in the ANS that end “right to work”

defeated 21-27



Mr. Allen

Allows employees to revoke their dues to the union at any time.

defeated 21-27



Mr. Thompson

Prescribes that the notice of employees’ rights and protections include information on not paying union dues

defeated 21-27



Mr. Roe

Prohibits employers from recognizing unions on the basis of majority support in the form of card check

defeated 21-27



Mr. Roe

Requires mandatory union recertification elections

defeated 21-27



Mr. Roe

Allows non-union members to vote on collective bargaining agreements, strikes, or participation in a multiemployer pension plan

defeated 21-27



Mr. Banks

Requires legal status to vote in a union representation election

defeated 21-27



Mr. Johnson

Allows employers to avoid collective bargaining pertaining to employee raises

defeated 21-26



Mr. Meuser

Makes it an unfair labor practice for a union to fail to protect personal information received in an organizing drive or to use for any matter other than a representation proceeding

defeated 21-27



Mr. Timmons

Authorize civil penalties against unions for violations of the secondary boycott prohibitions under current law

defeated 21-27



Mr. Comer

Strikes provision in ANS ending prohibition on secondary boycotts

defeated 21-27



Mr. Keller

Strikes provisions in ANS that eliminate the prohibition on secondary boycotts and recognitional picketing

defeated 21-27



Ms. Stefanik

Strikes provision in ANS that clarify definition of employee

defeated 21-27



Mr. Watkins

Dictates that the arbitration panel’s definition for a first contract shall not be based on the requirement that employees in the bargaining unit are participants in a multiemployer pension plan

defeated 21-27



Mr. Walberg

Delays a union pre-election hearing for at least 14 days

defeated 21-27



Mr. Walberg

Requires notices accompanying union authorization cards declaring purpose and disclosure of dues and fees

defeated 21-27



Mr. Walberg

Prevents human trafficking provisions from being taken into account for purposes of determining joint employer status

defeated 21-27



Mr. Byrne

Narrows joint employer standard

defeated 21-27



Mr. Byrne

Prevents corporate social responsibility requirements imposed on third parties from being used as evidence of joint employer relationship

defeated 21-27



Mr. Smucker

Expands civil penalties in the ANS

defeated 21-26



Mr. Smucker

Prohibits unions from preventing workers from breaking a strike

defeated 21-26



Mr. Smucker

Requires employees to opt in to pay dues to a union for purposes other than collective bargaining

defeated 21-26



Mr. Guthrie

Strikes provision in ANS that ends employer standing in representation cases before a union election

defeated 21-26

27 en bloc


Mr. Walker

Strikes provision of ANS codifying the Persuader Rule

defeated 21-26

28 en bloc


Mr. Fulcher

Provides that once an employer voluntarily recognizes a union, an employee group may petition for a decertification election within a 45-day window. The amendments also eliminate the need for the NLRB to fully investigate and adjudicate an unfair labor practice charge before conducting a decertification election

defeated 21-26

27 en bloc


Mrs. Foxx

Reestablishes that an employee’s violent conduct is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act and prevents reinstatement. Under this amendment, such conduct also ends union recognition

defeated 21-26

27 en bloc


Mrs. Foxx

Limits the voter registration list that unions receive before an election to one form of contact information

defeated 21-26



Mrs. Foxx

Requires collective bargaining over the full scope of health benefits, notwithstanding any other provision of law

defeated 21-26



Mrs. Foxx

Strikes provisions in ANS that provide mediation and arbitration to guarantee first collective bargaining agreement

defeated 21-26

27 en bloc


Mrs. Foxx

Requires a union to file additional annual financial reports regarding trusts such as training funds, strike funds, and apprenticeship program budgets with the Department of Labor, and creates whistleblower protections

defeated 21-26

28 en bloc


Mrs. Foxx

Renames the bill

defeated by voice vote



Ms. Bonamici

Report H.R. 2474

adopted 26-21


Member Statements

  1. Ranking Member Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (Democrat - Virginia)