Scott Statement on Job Killing GOP Tax Proposal

“New analysis from the NEA estimates that if Republicans succeed in eliminating much of the state and local tax deduction, as proposed in H.R. 1, it would likely have a devastating effect on state and local public education budgets. According to the analysis, H.R. 1 puts nearly 250,000 education jobs at risk and could result in $250 billion in cuts to public education over the next 10 years. In Virginia alone, the GOP’s proposed changes to SALT would mean a potential loss of 9,264 public education jobs. Regrettably, congressional Republicans will pay for their five trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy donors and corporations with cuts to vital public services – services such as health care and public education. NEA’s analysis confirms that under this plan, the wealthy and corporations will profit at the expense of working families and the public educational services they need.” 

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