Fact Sheets

acrobatFile Once FAFSA Act Fact Sheet
acrobatACP Fact Sheet
acrobatFact Sheet - The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act
acrobatHR 5530 Fact Sheet
acrobatHR 5529 Fact Sheet
acrobatHR 5528 Fact Sheet
acrobatHR 3178 Fact Sheet
acrobatHR 3179 Fact Sheet
acrobatFact Sheet: Final Administration Fact Sheets
acrobatFact Sheet: Department of Labor's Overtime Rule
acrobatFact Sheet: The Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act (EIEA)
acrobatGAO REPORT – K-12 Education: Better Use of Information Could Help Agencies Identify Disparities and Address Racial Discrimination
acrobatFact Sheet: Rethink Discipline
acrobatFact Sheet: Raising the Minimum Wage is Good For Workers, Business, and the Economy
acrobatLevel The Playing Field
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